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About Samooham

About Samooham

Saastha Samooham heralds the culmination of social and religious sentiments of the devotees of Lord Dharma Saastha in and around Kolkata. As an organization with membership strength of 1200 devotees, Samooham is the epitome of divine sanctity. The main objective of Saastha Samooham is to provide a platform for worship of Lord Dharma Saastha (Ayyappa as he is also called), the presiding deity of Sabarimala, Kerala. The annual Mandalam celebrations, starting from the middle of November to the end of December each year (beginning from first day of Vrishchikam to the middle of Dhanur) represents the festive season during which Samooham provides a tranquil atmosphere enabling the multiple Sabarimala bound pilgrims, ritualistic worship of the Lord. The festive spirit culminates with celebration of Saasthapreethi (propitiating the Lord), successfully organized for more than five decades, with an average footfall of three to four thousand devotees every year. Annadaanam, Narayana Seva and various cultural programmes are organized, as part of the celebrations.

Saastha Samooham, in addition to social and religious activities, also undertakes philanthropic pursuits. In its commitment to providing accessible education to all, Samooham in the last 20 years has been offering tuition fee scholarships to around 25 meritorious students from various schools, facing financial hardships, irrespective of caste or creed.

This scheme has enabled more than 400 students in their educational pursuit. To appreciate and encourage talent, the Samooham also gives cash awards to three Madhyamik toppers from National High School (Boys & Girls) and Andhra Association School.

The Samooham conducts regular Narayana Seva for the inmates of Mother Teresa’s homes and also offers limited financial support for special cases like marriage, medical treatment, performing obsequies etc.

Saastha Samooham draws its strength from the appreciations, encouragement and generous financial support received from its large body of devotees and well-wishers. In addition to the above activities, the constant support has enabled the procurement of a flat nearby to accommodate temple priest and the many learned purohits who come to perform special rituals like Kramaparayanam, Maharudram etc.

It is our endeavour to promote a serene atmosphere for the worship of the Lord for which we request the continued support of all our well-wishers.

Welfare Trust

Saastha Samooham undertakes its philanthropic activities through the SAASTHA SAMOOHAM WELFARE TRUST. We are glad to inform that the Trust has now received approval from Director of Income Tax (Exemption) and donations made to the Saastha Samooham Welfare Trust shall qualify for deduction U/S 80G(5)(VI) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

The scheme to provide tuition fee scholarship to meritorious students is being routed through the trust. The Trust also runs an annual blood donation camp in collaboration with Atha Foundation, Kolkata.

We humbly solicit generous donation of our devotees and well wishers to pursue increased charitable activities for the benefit of the people of Kolkata.