42, Flt. Tapan Chowdhury Avenue (Lake Avenue),
Kolkata - 700026, West Bengal, India


Dear Devotees,
Keeping in mind the severity of Covid 19 pandemic particularly at Kolkata and to comply with the Govt notifications issued from time to time for maintaining social distance during this critical period, it has been decided that till such time there is a respite from this pandemic, all functions at Samooham including daily Puja’s would be conducted indoor only with least public participation.

Devotees are requested to understand the situation and help the Samooham to comply with the Govt guidelines during this period. With the grace of Lord Dharma Saastha as soon as the situation improves, we shall conduct all the functions with full participation.

We hope you and your family are keeping good health during this pandemic. There is still partial lock down in the entire country, postal services including courier services are yet to commence operations. Hence to keep our members abreast with our Samooham activities, it has been decided to communicate with them through mail from now onwards. Many of our members have already registered their mail id with Samooham. We urge those members who have not registered their mail id with Samooham, may intimate their mail id to Samooham at saastha. samooham@gmail.com at  their convenience as soon as possible to serve you better. Those members who do not have mail Id, may register their immediate family member mail id for getting updated information about the activities of the Samooham.

We look forward to your very prompt response on the above.

Hony Secretary
S Sridharan

Who We Are

Swamiya Saranam Ayyappa

The Saastha Samooham is the largest socio religious organization in Kolkata with a member strength of over a thousand. The main object of the Samooham is the worship of Lord Dharma Saastha (Ayyappa), the presiding deity of Sabari Hills, Kerala. The annual Mandalam celebrations, starting from the middle of November to end December (beginning of Vrishchikam to middle of Dhanu) every year constitutes the festival season when the Samooham provides the perfect ambience for the many Sabarimala pilgrims for their ritualistic worship of Lord Dharma Saastha...